Kanto Karaoke: The Best Karafun and VanBasco Alternative for PC and Mac

Kanto Karaoke: The Best Karafun and VanBasco Alternative for PC and Mac

The sing, what a passion! In this post we present you the best karaoke software to transform your PC (Windows 10/8/7) or Mac OS X (Catalina osx 10.15 included) in a perfect Karaoke Machine! Most of the karaoke software that you can download from Internet are quite old. For example Vanbasco is a karaoke software very old, but it is still working and very easy to use.

Kanto Karaoke is the latest and innovative karaoke software developed and designed for all users who want enjoy singing over karaoke files. Kanto Karaoke is already defined as the best karaoke software on the market and the best alternative to the old karaoke software like Karafun and Van Basco.

KANTO KARAOKE is the first Karaoke Software that support all karaoke formats: KFN (Karafun), MP3, MP3+CDG (the best and free cd+g player for PC and Mac), ZIP (MP3+CDG), KAR, MID, MP4, AVI, WMV, and so on. It is also able to stream online Karaoke music for FREE without paying monthly subscriptions.

 Kanto Karaoke Free Version Download:

download_button_win download_button_mac

Innovations introduced by Kanto Karaoke

 1. Simple and Intuitive

As you can see from the main interface (see fig. below), Kanto Karaoke has a user-friendly interface and it is well organized. All features are visible and easily activated

 2. Live Performance

Thanks to “Live Performance” module (at the bottom right of the window), you can better manage your performance. In Live Performance section you can see the song currently playing and schedule the following songs.

This is a a great innovation introduced by Kanto Karaoke, and we are sure that all users will appreciate it!


3. Cross Fade

When, during a performance, you decide to switch from one song to another one, you need to do double click on the new song and the “Crossfade” effects will help you in the smooth transition between the two songs! No more abrupt interruption!

The crossfade duration is defautly set to 3000 msec. You can change this value from the menu Edit.


4. The best Karaoke Recorder tool for PC Windows and Mac OS X

Vanbasco, Karafun, and many other karaoke player do not allow you to record your voice over karaoke songs.

Kanto Karaoke is the unique tool with a perfect karaoke recorder feature. It has been tested on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista and Windows XP. It is also available for Mac OS X systems. The recording quality is very good.

With Kanto Karaoke you will be able to record your performance and create CDs with your favorite songs!

5. Midi to mp3 converter

Another feature that makes Kanto Karaoke The Best Karafun and VanBasco Alternative, is the MIDI TO MP3 Module. Thanks to this, you can convert all your mid/kar files to  mp3 and improve the audio quality of your karaoke files.


6. Dual Monitor

Just click on “Dual Monitor” button and you will be able to see lyrics on a second monitor

7. Singer Rotation and Singer Management

Feature that allow to better manage a karaoke party. More info on: how to manage a karaoke party

Kanto karaoke automatically will open a window with the name of the singer, name of the song and the “next singers”:


If you do not have karaoke songs saved offline on your PC, you can use the Web Browser function of Kanto Player that allows you to access to any web page and any online karaoke video to play them.

Just click on the button below “WEB BROWSER” and the program will open a web channel on Youtube with thousands of online karaoke songs ready to play (and sing). You will see also another window “web browser navigation” that allows you to manage what should appear on the browser.


With the management window you can do the following operations:

1: Set the page to open in the browser (default is set by Google Video home)

2: Make a search of the video karaoke on Youtube (typing the keyword “Karaoke” followed by the artist name + song title)

3. Project what you see on the web browser directly on a second monitor (already connected to the computer), e.g TV monitor.

4. Below the display section click on the buttons to quickly narrow down or enlarge the web browser window

5. You can schedule a “Youtube Singers Playlist” by entering the name of the singer and the url of the video karaoke (eg on Youtube) to be reproduced by clicking on GO.

While playing a karaoke video in the browser you can also click in the lower right corner “Toolbar” to bring up a bar where you can enter a new URL, activate the dual screen or resize the screen.



  1. Hello Kanto.
    I can NOT registrate, because when i write the letter “j” in my email adress, another windows open.
    What can i do?

    Best regards

    • Hello Jan, did you purchase the software? Once purchased you’ll receive the registration data via email.
      These registration data will not contain the letter “j” to avoid the problem you see.

  2. I use older PC + Mac. What is the system minimum required to support it so it will run correctly and smoothly?

    • Kanto Karaoke supports all Windows OS version (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1).Obviously, newest is the PC, better will be the performance

  3. J’ai 2 questions.

    1. Comment utiliser le 2ème moniteur
    je n’y arrive pas.

    2. Comment changé la tonalité d’un fichier avi?

    Merci de m’aider.

  4. Comprando o pacote posso tocar meus proprios arquivos KAR?

    Convertendo o arquivo para mp3 , tocara com musica , letra e fundo de imagem?

    Posso colocar, trocar imagens de fundo?

    Aguardo ARTHUR LIMA

    • O programa suporta arquivos kar.
      Converter midi para mp3 mantém o texto. Você não pode mudar a imagem de fundo
      Por favor, tente a versão demo gratuita do programa para ver os limites e capacidades

  5. I cannot see the lyrics when I play my karaoke CD ? Help

    • I suggest you to ripe the karaoke songs from CD using a free software named Audiograbber (http://www.audiograbber.org/)
      You will have, for each song two files: mp3 (the song) and cdg (the lyrics)
      Playing the cdg files with KantoKaraoke you will see lyrics and hear song.

  6. is there any audio selection, such as “audio 1 vs audio 2” from a karaoke file. VLC player can do this but it doesn’t have pitch change (key up/down).

    • what do you mean? The karaoke file has 1 audio track only…

  7. I load a mp.4 file by using the Load file” button. it appears in “Live performance” but as I click on the title to play it it disappear and doesn’t play anything.


  8. How can I make music stop automaticaly after each song of the playlist (pause)

    • Set the crossfade value to 0 (zero). Default value is 3000ms.

  9. I bought this software many months ago but I still can’t record voice. It is keep showing error message every time I click record button. I emailed you guys and follow instructions but still doesn’t work. What can I do? Please help.

    • Be sure you are recording on midi or mp3 or cdg files, and not on video karaoke files. Recording on video is not supported!

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