Editor’s Review for KantoPlayer

We are very grateful to the following popular websites that have published a review of our program


“This is one of the best karaoke software for WindowsPC that comes laden with a host of features. Besides supporting most major formats like the MP3, KAR, and others, it also supports video formats, plus you get to record your voice, sing and also record your own performance – good for judging how you’d fair in an audition. It also comes with settings for a microphone with high-quality sound input/output, transforming your PC into a professional karaoke deck”


“If you intend to turn a party into a karaoke night, a specialized karaoke player will prove to be much more useful than a traditional media player. One of these applications is Kanto Player. Its main advantage over other similar applications is the fact that it supports mostly any karaoke file format. What’s more, Kanto Player is much easier to use than other karaoke players. 
The software is free to try, but with a few limitations. Its setup file is small and its core components can be installed in just a few seconds.” 


“Clean and simple looks
The utility features an approachable and easy to to understand appearance, enabling you to get started right away in working with it.
The main window allows you to load the songs you wish to render, having the possibility of adding multiple files to create a playlist, which you can then save under a preferred name.”


“Kanto Karaoke is now on our list, and almost all multimedia and video formats available today are supported. It gives you an experience of super karaoke and also enables you to record audios and listen to their voice later…”



img“Anyone who has been to a karaoke know how annoying it is to deal with those professional machines. Generally, they have dozens of buttons and manual adjustments that are very complicated to use – especially if the device is Japanese. With the Kanto Karaoke Player, everything is easier, because the tool offers direct options and features lists organized music. Thus, one need not worry about pressing multiple buttons or navigate menus. Visually, the well tool is minimal. Customization options are not many, but they are enough to drop the voice and control the execution of files. In addition, the software has several options for skin to leave it more beautiful. However, there is an error in the application that overrides some buttons on the menus.”



logo[1]“With the Kanto Karaoke Player, everything is easier to use because the tool offers direct options with lists of songs organized. Visually, it is very minimalist but the video player needs to be improved: there is only the lyrics having nothing, at least, typical random scenes of karaoke. The option of converting audio files from the software leaves something to be desired, as you can only convert MIDI / KAR to MP3 formats.”