How to Sing and Record Voice over a Song or Background Music

How to Sing and Record Voice over a Song or Background Music

Recording your voice while singing over a song is the desire of many professional or amateur singers. There are several software and applications that allow you to record your voice over a background music, audio and video songs, but below we focus on what we believe to be the best Karaoke Recorder software (for PC and Mac).

Solution #1. Kanto Recorder

Kanto Recorder is an innovative and unique software of its kind. It is in fact a program capable of capturing voice, music, video and webcam simultaneously to record your singing performances. This software is available in Windows version and can be downloaded for free (demo version) from the following button:


After installing the program this initial screen will open:

The program interface is very simple and intuitive. To record your voice on an audio base (mp3) or on a karaoke video (mp4), there are only 5 steps to follow.

Step 1. Import audio/video files or YouTube links

To get started, import the karaoke audio file or video file you want to record your voice over. You can import a video/audio from your PC, or even directly insert the link of a karaoke video taken from YouTube (enter the video URL).

Step 2. Connect microphone

Now connect a microphone to your computer (via USB or via jack). Then in the “Microphone” section of the program click on the blue icon and select the connected microphone from the drop-down menu.

When speaking into the microphone you should see a moving green horizontal bar: this means that everything is working properly. There’s also a “Mute” box that we recommend leaving checked for a noise-free, low-latency voice recording. Further down there is also a section where you can apply an effect to the microphone to obtain a voice with echo or chorus.

Step 3. Turn on webcam (optional)

In the Webcam section, if you want, you can also activate the recording of your face directly from the webcam integrated into the computer (or from an external webcam connected via USB). With this function activated, you will therefore not only be able to record your voice on the backing track, but you will also be able to record yourself singing, to create a personalized video file with you as the protagonist.

The webcam window will appear by default at the top right as shown in the figure below:

Step 4. Start recording

To start the registration you will need to click on the RED button below. At this point the base will start (in the case of karaoke videos you will see the karaoke text scroll to the rhythm of the music) and you can start singing. The program will record voice, audio track, video and also the webcam (if you have it activated in the program). The image below will help you better understand what is displayed in the program while recording.

At the end of the registration (or after 60 seconds with the demo version) the preview window will open.

Step 5. Preview and save recording

In the preview window you can decide to listen to the recording in MP3 format (green button), or to view it in MP4 video format (yellow button).


If everything is OK, click on “Save on your PC” button and the file will be saved on your computer.

At the top of the window there are also some parameters that you can modify:

  1. Audio / Video delay: allows you to anticipate or delay the recording of your voice with respect to the backing track. This “delay” allows you to better synchronize voice and music if by chance you notice delays.
  2. Audio levels balance: allows you to increase the volume of the voice compared to the music, or vice versa.
    After each change you can click again on the buttons for the new preview. If, on the other hand, you want to re-register, press Cancel and Close  and you will return to the initial screen of the program to do it all over again.

That’s all! Download and try the free DEMO version now and record your singing performance!! The demo version has the limitation that it records a maximum of 60 seconds of each song. To remove this limitation you need to purchase a license for the software.

Solution #2. Kanto Karaoke (for PC and Mac)

Kanto Karaoke is the best Karaoke Player software (for PC and Mac OS) and it is also able to record/combine voice with music. It has a user-friendly interface and allows you to easily import a song (audio file), record your voice and export your recording to mp3 format.

First of all download and install Kanto Karaoke on your PC or Mac OS:

download_button_win download_button_mac

This is the screenshot of the main window:

2016-12-12 19_19_45-KantoPlayer 9.1

To start recording your voice over a song (audio file), follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1. At the bottom left of the software, there is a drop-down menu. From it select your “Microphone” as input device.


Step 2. Open the song and start playing it. Then click on the RED circular button in the player to start the voice over song recording. You’ll see the following icon at the top left of the screen

(in some circumstances may not appear this icon, but the registration will be done)

Step 3. At the end of the song, click on the RED button to stop recording. On the left side of the program, you’ll see a new entry in the ” Recordings” module. Make double click on it to open the destination folder where you will find the mp3 file of your recording.


During the recording (so only after you click on the recording button) you can change the input volume of your microphone or add effects (e.g Echo, Reverb, etc…) or adjust music volume or mic delay (latency).
Mic delay occurs when you have a noticeable lag between the recorded audio and your computer’s processing of the input. With Kanto Karaoke you can anticipate the microphone voice (default value is -120 ms) with the music in order to obtain a perfect synchronization between voice and music in the output file.

Note for microphone level in Windows: please go in the microphone properties in the windows control panel and check the mic level (it should be the same of the input volume of the program) and the microphone boost (low value recommended).


Notes for Recording Settings on MAC OS X

In the MAC version you have to pay attention to the microphone volume. In fact, first of all, make sure that the microphone volume is turned up in the sound system settings: go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES> SOUND> select the INPUT tab and increase the volume of your microphone:


Then open Kanto player and follow these steps:

  1. Select you microphone in the Device dropdown menu at the bottom left
  2. Play a song and click on the red button in the player, you will see a mic icon in the karaoke top screen
  3. During recording you can adjust the input (mic) and music volumes. Make multiple tests to find the right settings.


NOTE: The Free Version of Kanto Karaoke allows you to record max for 1 minute.

Guide: How to record voice over a song


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  1. Looking at your program and it seems nice (Problem) If I set my MIC as input and record it only records my voice with no music..If I set it without the MIC as input I get Music with no vocals…..Solve the problem and I will buy your program — — I have a USB mic and I have a regular mic and they both do the same thing….I would like this program but im not gonna buy without knowing how it works (maybe my fault I don’t know)

    • Before start the recording, please be sure to select the driver of your PC from the drop down menu in the lower right of the program. Then click on the record button and start singing on the song… Voice and music should be recorded at the same time.

      • Interessante o programa… mas achei que o son da minha vos é muito baixo e com muito ruido… tem como regular isso?

      • have the same problema and I cannot see any option to select the driver of my PC from the drop down menu in the lower right of the program. On the drop down menu in the lower right of the program I can only see Dual display and Quick Open File

        • Sorry for the mistake, the drop down menu is in the lower left of the program

      • is there any app available for laptop through which we can sing song first and then we can create music of that song

  2. I want to create a self help mp3 with my voice and adding aspirations over music I have in my Itunes library. Will your software allow me to do this?

    • Please, download the trial version and try to record the mp3 you want…

  3. is it possible to adjust the scale/key in the paid version ?

    • Also in demo version you can adjust the key.

      • Thanks. Will try this. can you comment on the accuracy of output ? I understand that this software suppresses the vocals in the original song and allows user to record his voice in its place.

  4. how do i hear my voice while im recording? can i set it to play my voice through speakers,…like karaoke.

    • you could select speakers (from output device), but the recording quality will not be good. We suggest to select “micrphone” as recording device to have the best quality.

  5. Interesting program. Assuming that the voice over has already been recorded, is it still possible to miss it with a song with this program?

    • Not, it is not possible remove voice with this program. You need to use a vocal remover software first…

  6. Hey! Can I record music with headphone instead of microphone

    • You need a microphone…

  7. How do I use your Kanto along with Sony Pcmd 50 mixer and zoom h4nrecorder for recording?

    • Sorry, but our software can record voice over song only through the PC internal sound card.

  8. do you have a version for MAC?

  9. “” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

  10. cuando estoy grabando mi voz se escucha ruido en la grabacion… porque es trial?

    • No, que depende del micrófono utilizado

  11. When I click on record, it asks me to download lame encoder. Is it necessary?

    • yes, it is necessary for Mac OS

  12. What kind of mic do we have to use? Is it just any mic?

    • Any USB mic

      • So if recording my vocals in time with the backing music is my main goal, am I actually better off purchasing a USB microphone or a microphone going through 3.5mm adapter?

        Please let me know, thanks.

        • USB microphone

  13. Does “voice over” mean? My daughter wants to record her voice over original music. Is this what that means? Will this system do this


    • Yes it is

  14. I just purchased a full version personal. However when I record and playback the recording there is a few second delay of my voice versus the background music. What is to be done?

    • It depends from your Mic or PC. Be sure to use a USB Mic to record. Also, try this:
      a) Open Sound by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type sound, and then click Sound.
      b) Click the Recording tab, click Microphone, and then click Properties.
      c) On the Enhancements tab check the option “Disable all enhancements”.
      d) Apply the settings and check if that helps.

    • There is a new options (Mic Delay) in recording setting where you can increare or reduce the delay of your voice versus the music

  15. Is there anyway to reduce the volume of the song, because my mikrophone is week and the music is to loud on the recording and u cant hear me properly, yes ive tried to boost the mike and the input volume is on max.


    • Learn to spell properly. I felt like I was catching your stupidity via internet thread.

      Your vs. you’re
      to vs. too vs. two

      weel vs. weak

      mic vs. mike

      mikrophone, this is sooooo bad, I am almost wondering if you had intentionally done this to irritate a potential reader.

  16. I run local Karaoke Shows. Some singers have requested copies of their performances. Can the programme record the singers karaoke performance?
    I run my show from a laptop through to a mixer that mixes microphones and powered speakers.

    • The recording feature works with the internal sound card only, not with external mixer and the Mic has to be connected to the PC usb port…

  17. can I use it for my Android device

    • Android is not yet supported

  18. can i save my recording in trial verson?

    • Yes but they will be max 60 seconds

  19. Is there any way to save a recording in higher than a 128kb bit rate?

    • No, for now 128kb is the default output bit rate for recordings

  20. Can you use this without a microphone? because as I press record my voice isn’t there. WHAT TO DO??

    • You need a USB microphone

  21. I have a PC and many karaoke songs, I want to sing with karaoke song. which equipment is essential for this ?

    • You need Kanto Player only…

  22. I am still really curious about this I just downloaded it I made some music I wanted to record my voice in a “tune” should I buy a mic with headphones? so I can hear myself and the music in background? so It works like that voice over the music? (I have the song in program )

  23. Please send me the link to download this kanto karaoke app

  24. I record with a samson C01UPRO usb mic and it has a headphone port. Even though my output and input is for the mic(to hear my voice and the soundtrack) When I record it comes out my macbooks internal speakers. Is there a way to fix this?

  25. using sound board with usb out to comp can i still record

    • good to know 🙂

  26. recording is just for fun not for live performances using pro equipment

  27. Settings for recording voice only, not voice and music?

    I wish to record only the voice from the microphone, but not the music. So the audio recording should only contain the
    voice, not (!) voice and music. What do I need to do? What are the settings?
    Many thanks, any help is highly appreciated

    • yes, to record voice only you have to set to 0 the the music input volume

  28. This program is amazing….Thank you!Cant wait to record my new album with this

  29. can i record a song with karaoke

  30. First off – very excited with this software! Ran into 1 snag – My 11 year old niece wants to record herself and her friends singing some songs. I have a USB mic set up — the song audio only plays through the single pair of headphones connected to the mic (Blue YETI). How will all 4 girls be able to hear the music while they sing into the microphone? Currently, only 1 girl will be able to hear the music? What can I do to resolve this? This was the reason that I bought the software.

    • You can remove the headphone and hear the music from pc speakers
      Otherwise you have to use a 4 way 3.5mm Headphone Splitter

  31. I downloaded the trial version and I don’t see the device input option at the lower left corner as you said. When I sang infront of the PC without MIC it recorded both my voice as well as the original voice on the song. So I am hearing two voices. Can you help me please

    • You need to use songs without the original voice to record your voice over it

      • So it works with only karaoke tracks? Doesn’t have the vocal suppression feature?

  32. I’ve downloaded a trial version to test the product. I’m on a Mac and have a Yeti mic. I’ve added the Mp4 file and it plays with video and audio. However, when I push the red record button, I’m getting an error saying “Can’t create recorder”. Please advise.

    • Recording works on MP3, MID, CDG+MP3 files only. Not with video files.

  33. can it work with my amplifier

  34. I have been using Audacity for recording my Music as of now as it was free. How is the trial version of Konto Karaoke better than Audacity which is totally free ? Just curious.

  35. If I want to play a CD+G disc, will this program play it properly? Music AND graphics (words)?

  36. Uhm, excuse me but i keep trying to record a song and then i go to the file it creates when you download it and its not there. may you tell me why or where to go if im doing something wrong? it goes to quote. “LIbararies>Music>KantoPlayer

  37. Hi
    Just bought the full version to run on mac 10.12.6. It’s great, except my recorded voice sounds low in volume compared to the karaoke track I was singing on. Can you help? Is that in recording settings? If so, what settings should I use?
    Thank you in advance.

    • In recording settings you can try to reduce the “music volume” and increase “input volume (mic)”
      You can try to change these settings during the recording, and then you can check the output file.

      • So, I lowered the music volume to zero, and kept the input volume to max, 100. And still I get the same results. My vocals don’t sound loud enough, and the music from the karaoke track is overwhelming. Any other suggestions?

      • Anyone else?

  38. Wonderful article on recording voice. I was looking for such tips. Thanks for sharing it.

  39. In iMovie for Mac, you can drag audio files into your timeline from the Finder. You can also use songs or other audio files from your music library and other locations using the media browser within iMovie. And if you want to add voiceover narration, record it straight into the timeline of your iMovie project.

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