Best Multiplex (dual audio) Karaoke Player

Best Multiplex (dual audio) Karaoke Player

Kanto Karaoke Player support Multiplex Karaoke Format

Are you searching for a good multiplex player?  Kanto Karaoke Player is the player for you. This player allows you to play multiplex karaoke files in CDG/MP3+G/MP4 formats, and you will be able to disable/enable the vocal track at any time, with a simple click.

A multiplex file has a stereo channel (left/right) where the singer’s vocal are on the left side. So Kanto player is able to disable the left channel and remove the vocals in real time.

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How to manage and play multiplex files

  1. Install and open the program.
  2. Play your multiplex song. To do this click on Open File button or drag and drop the file from your computer to a playlist section and double click on the song name.
  3. Click on the button “EQUALIZER” in the bottom of the player.
  4. This will open a new form, and you have to click on the checkbox “Vocal Remover Multiplex Song”
  5. Done! Enjoy with your multiplex karaoke songs!


Kanto Player has many other features that you should try. It supports almost all karaoke formats (mid, kar, mp3, kfn, cdg, zip, mp3, mp4, avi..), it allows you to change the pitch and tempo in real time, it allows the creation of unlimited playlists and the fast search of music files. It also has a “Singer List” module and a Web Browser module to play karaoke files on the internet.


  1. Can you adjust pitch on avi files?

    • Windows version support also avi format

  2. Do pitch changes get applied to the mp3 file when they are made and saved within the player. I want to burn a CDG with the updated pitch changes

    • If you change pitch during the recording, this will be applied to the final mp3 file too.

  3. can support dat files?

    • Rename your “files.dat” in “files.mp4”, and they should work.

  4. Is the price for the professional version a subscription or one time price

    • One time price with free updates for 3 years.

  5. the problem is if I press the vocal remover only my left speaker there any solution for making both left n right without voice?

  6. can I change the key of song and save in my computer?

  7. Trying out Kanto Player, went to bottom left for “devices” no microphone settings there at all, why!!!

  8. I bought the professional kanto and would like to put it on a 2nd laptop. Is this possible and if so how do I do it?

    • Yes it is possible. Just download the program on your 2nd laptop and activate it using the same email/registration code

      Best Regards

  9. Does every song have to be downloaded or can you stream the music in an online stored, in a cloud type, format? Or like YouTube. I just need to know if I need an external hard drive to store. Also, if a person requests a song I don’t have, can it quickly be acquired?

    • You can click on WEB BROWSER button (bottom right of the program) and you will be able to stream unlimited online Karaoke Music (from Vevo, Youtube, and other online sources)

  10. I have my songs saved on a hard drive but I have to search for songs by artist. How do I change this so that I can select songs by the title ?

  11. Fantastic system 3 years, no problems

  12. I have all of my music on an MP3 player. Can I download it to this software and be able to see the words and listen to the songs? Does my laptop then become the Karaoke machine? If so, must I then connect the microphone to the laptop as well?

    • Yes to all your questions

  13. Once my computer and speakers are paired, can I set the output to my bluetooth PA or other bluetooth speaker from the software?

    • Once your computer and speakers are paired, open the program and the sound will go through your bluetooth speaker automatically.

  14. avendo acquistato la versione standar come posso pagando ottenere la versione profesional grazie

  15. ilovemusic with this

  16. I have mp3+g on USB stick…will this work?

    • Yes!

  17. Is it possible to send the sound output through a smart TV?
    The screen works well but the sound not.
    I would like to use the microfone of the computer and hear the sound from the TV.
    Is it possible? How?

    • Yes, it is possible. You have to set PC sound output to your TV. The restart Kanto Player and try again

  18. Hi, I have a monthly subscription to Sunfly streaming service, is it possible to link this to the kanto pro I just purchased? Thanks

    • If it is a web-based (online) straming service, you just need to click on WEB BOWSER button in Kanto Player and enter the URL of the streaming service.

  19. Can I download this app on a laptop and use the laptop as my Karaoke machine?

    • yes, sure.

  20. question is if license is transferable between computers or limited to just three if i purchase new laptop can i transfer license from old

    • Yes, it is transferable

  21. Guten Tag, gibt es das Programm auch für ein IPad ? Gruss Keiser

    • No sorry

  22. Will the 3yr. renewal price be the same as the intial price at each renewal period?

    • The price of the renewal is discounted by 40% compared to the initial price.

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