How to Convert and Play Karaoke BIN Files on PC and Mac?

How to Convert and Play Karaoke BIN Files on PC and Mac?

What is a BIN? BIN file is one of CD/DVD image formats. It is the copy of an entire CDs/DVDs disc and contains ALL the data stored on the original disc. If you have a KARAOKE BIN file on your PC and Mac and you need to convert and play it, in this article you will find the best solutions.

The first thing to do is to RIP and CONVERT the BIN file so that all karaoke songs will be copied (in MP3+CDG format) on your computer and will be ready to be played with the best CDG Free Karaoke Player

Part 1. How to open and convert BIN Files to MP3+CDG format

There are a lot of “Bin Ripper Software” able to open and extract all files from the BIN files on your PC. Below we give you some intresting links:

Solution n.1: MP3+CDG Toolz

MP3+G Toolz is a simple-to-use application that allows you to convertkaraoke CD+G, Audio+G, BIN, and ZIP files.

After that you download and install this app on your PC (Windows), select the folder “CD+G BIN FILES” with the right click and then select MP3+G Toolz .NET (as shown in figure below)

bin file

It will open this window:


Select “Convert BIN to Audio+G” format and then click on START to start conversion. In this way you will have mp3+cdg files on your PC, ready to be played with Kanto Karaoke Player.

Solution 2. Use other “BIN Ripper” software

There are a lot of software that can help you to open the BIN file and extract all karaoke songs from it to your PC. MagicISO, PowerISO or Free Winiso are the best software with this feature. Install the software and then open the BIN File. You will see all karaoke songs (mp3+cdg files) and you will be able to extract and save them on your computer.


Part 1. How to play MP3+CDG format

Once you extract all mp3+cdg files from the BIN file you can play them with Kanto Player.

Step 1. Download and Install Kanto Karaoke on your PC o Mac

download_button_win     download_button_mac

Step 2. Run Kanto Karaoke

This is the main screen you will see:

2016-12-12 19_09_41-KantoPlayer

Step 3. Open and play the MP3+G files

Click on QUICK OPEN FILE (in the lower right) and select the CDG file to play. Kanto Karaoke automatically will start playing the cdg file and will show lyrics on the center screen.

Note: Be sure that both MP3 and CDG files are in the SAME folder. If they aren’t in the same folder it will not be played correctly.



  1. cannot get songs that i payed for from kanto karaoke to goto my list to play

    • please be sure your songs are in mp3+cdg format

  2. What kind of files can I play in Kantokaraoke? Does it play mp3+cdg files?

    • Yes, it supports mp3+cdg files

  3. I have cd-g files on an external drive. Can I use your software to export all the files and store it?

    • You can import all your songs in our software, creating a “playlist”.

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