How to Connect your PC/Mac to TV for Karaoke

How to Connect your PC/Mac to TV for Karaoke

One of the most enjoyable hobbies is definitely the Karaoke. If you have stored on your PC o Mac a lot of karaoke songs, now you can set up a professional Home Karaoke System with your laptop and TV.

In this article we will show just how connect your PC/Mac to TV for Karaoke, using just the following things:

> Karaoke player software: Kanto Karaoke (available for Windows PCs and Mac OS X)
> TV with VGA or HDMI input
> VGA or HDMI cable to connect PC to TV (and see lyrics on the big screen of your TV or Smart TV)

1. Download and install Kanto Player on your PC/Mac

Kanto Karaoke is one of the best (and free) karaoke player on the market to enjoy karaoke at home or for professional use. It supports a lot of karaoke files like cdg+mp3, cdg+wav, .kar, .mid, .mp3, .avi, .wmv, .mp4, ecc…

Download and install it on your PC or Mac from this download page.

Once installed you will see this main interface:

To import and play your karaoke songs with Kanto Karaoke, you just need to drag and drop them into the Playlist section (on the right) or click on the bottom right “OPEN FILE“. Once opened, if the song contains lyrics, you will see the words in the central screen of the program.

2. Connect your PC/Mac to TV

Now we will show you how to connect PC/Mac to the TV screen so that you will be able to see karaoke sliding words on your TV (while you manage the songs to play on your computer, with Kanto karaoke player).

You need or VGA Cable or a HDMI cable (or DVI-HDMI) to connect TV and laptop. Once done the connection, you have to set your PC so that the desktop will be “extended” on the TV’s monitor. To do this on your Windows PC follow these steps:

> On Windows XP right click on the desktop and select “Proprieties“, then go to “Settings” tab.

> On Windows Vista  right click on the desktop and select “Customize“, and then click on “Display Settings“.

> On Windows 7, right click on the desktop and select “Screen Resolution“.

> On Windows 8 and Windows 10 go to the search box (bottom left) and search for “Resolution” and click on “Edit Screen Resolution”

In all these cases, a settings screen will appear and here you will be able to configure the TV screen (if it is properly connected to the PC):

Risultati immagini per estendi desktop windows 10

Number 1 is the PC monitor, the number “2” should be the TV monitor. Select this second monitor and then select the option “Extend desktop for this display“.Make also sure that the resolution is optimal and finally click “Apply“.

If you did everything right you should see the desktop background on your TV. This means that the laptop considers the TV as a separate (and extended) monitor that contains a part of the desktop.

3. Open Karaoke window on your TV

Return to Kanto Karaoke program and click on DUAL SCREEN to open a new window. This window can be moved to the part of the screen you see on your TV. That’s all! You just have now to play your favorite karaoke songs and start singing by reading the sliding words on the big screen of your TV!


If you have a MAC, please see this video tutorial to transfer the dual display to another monitor or TV:


Have a good fun with Karaoke!



  1. Hi Sir,

    I have tried to send email to you but can’t be submit? My name is Jolie, I am looking for a software that can increase or decrease Karaoke song key, I have tried that but it’s only ok to change key in MP3 format, but I can not change key to video ktv and save it to CD, but I ask if you can teach me? If it works, I may consider to buy your version.

  2. I have just downloaded loaded trial version to test it. Question I have some 200k of songs in files. work as KJ. can I just drag and drop a folder into the system. if so where.

    • You need to create a playlist folder (on the right of the app) and then import your folder in that playlist. We tested the app with over 100k songs and they were loaded in some minutes.

  3. Ciao, mi chiamo Gianfranco e ho un problema: quando vado sull’opzione “doppio schermo”, dopo aver selezionato “estendi questi schermi”, se faccio suonare un midi o un mp3 nessun problema, il secondo monitor visualizza…se invece faccio suonare un mp4 gli schermi diventano neri e il file si blocca!…lo stesso file mp4, se lo faccio suonare senza l’opzione “doppio schermo”, funziona perfettamente! Ho provato a modificare la risoluzione dello schermo ma non cambia niente!…mi potete aiutare?

    • Prova prima ad aprire e posizionare il doppio schermo e poi riproduci i file video (mp4, avi, ecc…). In questo modo non dovrebbe bloccarsi. Inoltre si assicuri di aver anche scaricato e installato i codec video K-Lite Codec Pack

  4. When I go to listen to my recording, all I hear is my voice (the microphone input was selected) input and not the music. When I change the input to speakers, all I get is sound and not my voice. How do I get both music and my voice to record on my PC?

    • Please be sure you are recording voice over a music file (mp3, mid, kar, cdg) and not over a video file…

  5. How do I mute voice tract on a .mp3g?

    • It is not possible to mute voice on a mp3g file because it is embedded in it. You should fine karaoke file (or karaoke video) already with the mute voice. You can also download them from Youtube using this software:

  6. I’m enjoying your free version but where can I find the audio setting such as Left Centre Right audio channel so I can select the minus one is either on the right or left channel.
    Avi file that I’d converted from VCD karaoke.

    • This is a feature in plan for future release.

  7. Hi, I’m evaluating the software and have few questions. I play mostly ripped VCD karaoke:

    1. Similar to question above – the ‘Vocal Remover Multiplex Song’ only removes Left, what if this is on the Right?

    2. I have to untick and tick the ‘Vocal Remover Multiplex Song’ box for every song. Is this a bug?

    3. How do I do the same for youtube video on the Kanto web browser?

    Thanks, so far great software !

    • Hi,
      1. usually the voice is on the left.. by the way you can change manually the Balance slider to Left or Right
      2. You have to tick also the “Enable Equalizer” box, in this way you will not have to select the multiplex box every time
      3. I don’t know if Youtube video support multiplex audio.. do you have some examples?

      • Thank you for your reply. I was wondering about some videos on youtube – try search for ‘karaoke dualaudio’. They may have the vocal audio on the Right. Can I just play Left?

        Thanks for assistance

        • Yes, you have to download that video from youtube to your PC. Then import it in the program and in the Equalizer Window you can select balance Pan “left” or “right”

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