Kanto Karaoke is the new , professional and innovative Karaoke Player & Recorder designed for professionals and for those who enjoys doing karaoke at home with friends or relatives.
Unlike competitors , Kanto Karaoke offers all the necessary to do Karaoke in the simplest way.

Kanto Karaoke Player & Recorder – Main features:



Kanto Karaoke supports all multimedia formats : MP3, Mid, Kar, Mp3 + Cdg , karaoke videos ( . Avi, .Wmv, .Mp4, etc …) .
To start doing karaoke and sing on any track just click on the button “Quick Open File” and select the song to be played. It will appear the screen with the words of the song and you could start to sing!

Kanto Karaoke offers many “modules”:

1. Playlists: In this section you can create unlimited playlists. A playlist is a list with your favorite songs. Thanks to the playlist you can avoid every time to search for songs to sing.
For more information go to: how to create or edit a playlist

2. Live Performance: This is the real novelty introduced by Kanto Karaoke . The Live Performance indicates (in real time) the song that is currently playing and those that will be played after. Thanks to the “Live Performance” you can schedule your performance and avoid interruption from one song to the next.
For more information go to : What is the Live Performance

3. Fade Out/Crossfade: Kanto Karaoke is the ONLY karaoke player that is able to switch from one track to another with a CROSSFADE effect (it decreases the volume of the stopped song and at the same time it increases the volume of the new song selected). In this way you will avoid to change songs so brusquely.

4. High quality playback: Kanto Karaoke provides the best playback quality for mid/kar files, thanks to the integrated SoundFont. From the Options menu of the program you can also change the SoundFont file to customize the sound quality.
For more information go to: What are SoundFonts

5. Midi Channel Management: on the left of the program there are two important features. Midi Channels Config allows you to view and turn on/off any midi channel. Melody ( CH4 ) instead allows you to quickly turn off the “melody track”, so you can sing on a “clean” backing track.

6. Audio Settings: from this module, the software allows you to change pitch (“Key”) and speed (“Tempo” of the backing track ( mid, kar, mp3, etc …)

7. Midi Chords: it will display the song’s chords in a new window. It uses a complex algorithm to calculate and estimate the chords in midi files.

8. Singer List: to create a list for the people who are going to sing for the karaoke.

9. Background Music & Effects. You can activate music background manually / automatically when a song ends or stops. Added “applause” and “boo!” effects.



Kanto Karaoke comes from the idea of creating a software for singing recording on any backing track. There are currently similar programs but most of them don’t work!

To transform your PC into a real recording studio, follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Input Device: At the bottom left of the program, from the drop-down menu, select “Microphone” as the input device. If you see multiple similar entries, be sure to select the correct one (the device that is actually installed on your PC).
We recommend you to use an external microphone (with USB input). If you do not have it, you can use the internal microphone of your PC, but the quality will be lower.

2. Start Recording: Open the song (by choosing it from your PC or by double clicking on the file in the playlist) and then click on the RED circular button in the player. Now, you can start to sing!

3. Stop Recording: At the end of the song, click the STOP button and then again on the RED button. On the left side of the program, you’ll see an entry in the ” Recordings” module. Double click on it to open the folder where you can find the mp3 file: this is the recording you just made!

For more information go to: how to record your voice over karaoke track

NB: In order to improve the recording quality you can, from the “Recording Settings” module, change the volume (of the microphone ), or apply effects (we recommend reverb or chorus).


Kanto Karaoke supports converting files mid / kar to MP3 format. This conversion allows you to obtain high-quality backing tracks. To convert midi/kar to mp3, access to the File –> Convert Midi to MP3. Then you can choose the mid/kar file to convert. Before conversion you can also choose to remove the melody track (vocal track), so that you will have a “clean” backing mp3 track!

For more information go to: how to convert midi to mp3