KantoKaraoke: The Best and Free CD+G Player for PC and Mac

KantoKaraoke: The Best and Free CD+G Player for PC and Mac

Do you have a collection of karaoke CD+G discs or MP3+CDG files stored on your PC (or Mac)? Are you searching for a free CDG Player that will help you to correctly play these songs? KANTO KARAOKE is the best and free CDG Player for PC and Mac.

Kanto Karaoke is a CD+G player software solution that will help you to turn your PC into a professional karaoke machines. It supports MP3+G (ZIP too) files as well as play MIDI and MP3 karaoke songs and other formats like MP4, AVI, MKV (video karaoke files).

Kanto Karaoke allows you to use a full screen mode or “dual monitor”: you will be able to play karaoke songs and view the lyrics on the big screen of your TV!

How Kanto Karaoke works?

Step 1. Download and Install Kanto Karaoke on your PC o Mac

download_button_win     download_button_mac

Step 2. Run Kanto Karaoke

This is the main screen you will see:

2016-12-12 19_09_41-KantoPlayer

Step 3. Open and play the karaoke songs (MP3+G, CDG or CD+G)

If you have MP3+CDG files you can play them simply clicking on QUICK OPEN FILE (in the lower right) and select the CDG file to play. Kanto Karaoke automatically will start playing the cdg file and will show lyrics on the center screen.

If you have CD+G disc, you need to do an operation before play the karaoke songs. You have to extract the mp3+cdg files from the CD+G disc. You can do this in simple and fast way using the free software AudioGrabber.

Below you can see a video tutorial that will show you how rip and extract mp3+cdg files from a CD+G disc:

To obtain mp3+cdg files (and NOT wav+cdg files), you have to download and install the MP3 Plugin for Audiograbber, from this page:
After installed the plugin you will be able to rip your CDG disks to mp3+cdg files through Audiograbber software

Once all mp3+cdg files will be extracted and saved on yout PC, you will be able to load them on Kanto Karaoke and start playing (and sing along them!!) 🙂

That’s all!

PS: Another good and FREE CD+G Ripper software is CDGRip: you can download it from http://www.karaokeware.com/CDGRip.html




  1. Does your player play all .kfn files? Some wont play although they do all play on all other players. Is it because i have the trial version? how can i evaluate the full 79 dollar version?

    • KFN containing video files are not supported yet. All other kfn files will work.

  2. So if a .kfn does not play on the trial version it wont play on the 79 dollar version. Is that correct?

    • It’s correct

  3. I would be happy to pay $79 if i could open all my .kfn files with your player/recorder. I did a few hours of searches to try to figure out which .kfn files contain video within them, and which .kfn files do not, but there is nothing on the internet or on the karafun website on this topic.

      • I am ready to buy either the 49 dollar or 79 dollar version but have a few last questions. Sorry for all the questions. Being difficult is not my intent. I do want to spend my money wisely.

        1. Is there any functional difference between the 49 and 79 dollar one. I AM NOT a pro. I just like to play around in my home studio but I DO NOT perform.

        2. If all original karaoke-version KFN files I purchased don’t contain video, why do some NOT play on your player and some do play just fine???

        • 1. There are no functional difference between the standard and pro version. If you are not a pro and you need to install the software on 1 PC, you can purchase the standard version
          2. I don’t know. Please send us some kfn files not working to info@kantokaraoke.com. We will check.

    • It’s all about your codecs. Download K-lite codec pack free from internet. You’ll be amazed.

  4. I am very impressed by your Kanto Karaoke player so far. Thank You.

  5. If I purchase can I load program on Two computers?

    • Yes

  6. In the professional version, can you cue up more than three songs in the Live performance?

    • The Pro version allows you to add more than 5 songs in playlists, so that they can played continuously. The Live perfomance shows always the actual song and the next two to be played

  7. per favore, potrei avere le istruzioni in Italiano. grazie

  8. Hi, do you offer a on-line Karaoke songs, I want to start fresh, without using any my songs already in computer, I guess do you offer a subscription

    • Sorry, we do not offert online karaoke songs…

  9. Will you ship a software disc to me through the mail?

    • We don’t ship the software disc. The software can be downloaded online and after the purchase you will receive the registration code via e-mail.

  10. I tried to download the free version , but every time I try to add/open a song I get “memory allocation error” I have 35 gigs free. do I need to register it in some specific way for the trial

    • Be sure the song you are trying to open are stored on your PC and not on external disk.

  11. I want to record myself singing karaoke. Does your software do this? I am using Siglos currently and i have a mixer and speakers. But when recording performance, there is terrible distortion on the vocals. Why? And will your software work better?

    • I suggest you to download and test the trial version of the software. You will be able to record 60 sec of song and check the quality.

  12. Mac OSx 10.9.5. I just downloaded and ran Mac version and got a ‘memory allocation error’ when trying to play a single CDG file from CD. Any advise??

    • You have to rip the CDG disk to cdg+mp3 on your Mac first… Once you have all files on your Mac in mp3+cdg format you will be able to play them with kanto player.
      On Windows there is the software Audio Grabber to rip CDG to mp3+cdg files… on Mac I don’t know if there are some free app to do this job

    • No..sorry.

  13. I have an external hard drive that all my music is on. Will your free software play it? Do you offer a search engine to find the songs? Is your lyric/graphic screen resizeable? Can I display the lyrics window only on a separate monitor?

    • I suggest you to use the free plugin Everything to search and drag & drop songs in kanto player in a fast way.
      The graphic screen is resizeable and there is the “dual monitor” option to display lyrics only on a separate monitor

  14. Is the Registration key good for any computer or specific to the computer you download to and can it be restored in the event of a system crash? Also I saw in the comments that the songs had to be on the computer. Is this true with the pro version? Can your library be stored on external drives?

    • The registration key can be used on another computer if the previous one crashes.
      The songs can be on external drives too.. but if you want to create playlist, we suggest to save them on PC first.

  15. The Best I have tried so far thanks one tthing I’m experiencing is wen I sselect full screen it goes black

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