Kanto Karaoke: The Best KJAMS and PCDJ Alternative for PC and Mac

Kanto Karaoke: The Best KJAMS and PCDJ Alternative for PC and Mac

We already wrote an article about the best alternative to VanBasco and Karafun karaoke software. Now we want talk about Kjams and PCDJ karaoke software, another two of the most popular karaoke software.

KJAMS Screenshot:

PCDJ Karaoki screenshot:

KJAMS and PCDJ Karaoki are two good software for karaoke but they have a great limitation about the audio & video formats supported at the input. The only input file supported are MP3+CDG and some video format.
Kjams is available for Mac and PC; PCDJ is available only for PC Windows. Another “limitation” for both of programs is that they can be not so simple to use.

If you are a DJ or Karaoke KJ (professional or simple amateur) you may be looking for a simpler and most complete software solution for karaoke. Here we suggest you to test Kanto Karaoke, one of the best Best KJAMS and PCDJ Alternative for PC and Mac.

KANTO KARAOKE is the most complete Karaoke Software because it support all karaoke formats: KFN (Karafun), MP3 (id3V2.0), MP3+CDG, ZIP (MP3+CDG), KAR, MID, MP4, AVI, WMV, and so on.

Download now the free trial version for Windows or Mac:

download_button_win download_button_mac

Kanto Karaoke Main Features

 1. Easy to use

After installed the software you will see a clear main interface (see fig. below). The user-friendly interface is well organized and all features are on the screen.


Have also a look to this Quick Start Video Tutorial:

 2. Live Performance

Thanks to “Live Performance” module (at the bottom right of the window), you can manage your performance and see (in real-time) the song currently playing and following one.


3. Cross Fade

The “Crossfade” effect will help you to switch from two songs in a smooth manner! No more abrupt interruption!


4. Karaoke Recorder

KJAMS and PCDJ Karaoki  do not allow you to record your voice over karaoke songs.

Kanto Karaoke is the unique tool with karaoke recorder feature. Try it!

5. Dual Monitor

Just click on “Dual Monitor” button and you will be able to see lyrics on a second monitor

6. Singer Rotation and Singer Management

Feature that allow to better manage a karaoke party. More info on: how to manage a karaoke party

Kanto karaoke automatically will open a window with the name of the singer, name of the song and the “next singers”:

7. Advanced Options

From Options you can customize a lot of things: background music, lyrics font type, font size, colors, autoplay for singer rotation, audio and video encoder, etc…



  1. Thank you so much dear!! 😉

  2. How many computer can I load Kantos on

    • With 1 license “Pro” you can load Kanto on 3 different PCs

  3. Does Kantos have a song creator software that I can use to make a list of songs on my system?

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