How to Change the Pitch/Key of a Video Karaoke Song (MP4, WMV…) on PC and Mac

How to Change the Pitch/Key of a Video Karaoke Song (MP4, WMV…) on PC and Mac

Kanto Karaoke allows you to change the key (pitch) of your video karaoke songs. It supports the following video karaoke formats: AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, FLV and MP4.

To change the pitch of your karaoke songs, follow these steps:

Step 1. Download and Install Kanto Karaoke on your PC Windows or Mac OS X


Step 2. Download and install the Free K-Lite_Codec_Pack

CLICK HERE to download this free pack of video codec. This video codec will improve the features of Kanto Karaoke. Install the codec pack on your PC (use the default installation settings).

Step 3. Open Kanto Karaoke and import the video karaoke files in a playlist

a) Create a Playlist: click the ADD button in the top right section to create a new playlist
b) Add a name to the playlist (example Video Karaoke)
c) Select the playlist and in the section “Playlist files” click ADD to import files in the playlist.

Double click on the desired video song in the playlist and play it.



Step 4. Change the key of MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV files

While the song plays, you can change the key in the audio settings section moving the key cursor. Then click on SAVE PITCH/TEMPO to save the new settings.

So, whenever that video karaoke will be played, the program will automatically set the key previously saved.



  1. Please disregard my comments about Key change not working. I downloaded the code-C pack but failed to install it. Key change and save are working fine.

    However, I cant record my voice with the music because my mics are not USB. My computer has a “Mic Input” that plays with the music through my speakers. Any suggestions?

    Larry P. Williams

    • You can also record through your speakers, but the sound quality is very poor…
      This is why we recommend to use USB Mic.

  2. Cannot change pitch in .mp4 recorded karaoke video.program does not work. I have loaded K Lite codecs..need it to work in trial mode before buying.

    • Try to restart your PC and then to play again…

      • Have the same issue as Bill. Installed the Trial version and installed the k-Lite codec. Rebooted System.

        Point the Kanto Audio Editor to the .MP4 file and click on the “Play Preview” button. Error message I get is “Only Sound files supported by audio editor”

        When you go to buy the Software, it clearly says Pitch and Tempo change only supported on MP3 files. Please advise

        • Kanto Audio Editor does not support MP4 file. It supports MP3, MID and KAR files only!

  3. For DVD, MPEG, or VOB files, how could I select Audio channel to play ? This is a huge feature, since there are tons of karaoke songs stored in those formats with music on 1 audio channel/track, and vocal on the other. This is the same way as different audio languages are stored in different audio channels on DVD or its related file formats. Most media players (VLC, Windows Media Player, etc.) allows audio channel selection.

    • Sorry, we still don’t have this featue in our software

  4. Can you change pitch/keys on a MP3 format song?

    • Yes, with Kanto Karaoke Player or Kanto Audio Editor you can change pirch/keys on a MP3

      • Can you also save the changed pitch/keys of your chosen MP3 songs in their entirety, and will it show you what the key has changed to after you have saved the song(s)?

  5. Will this work on songs found on You Tube?

    • Yes it works with Youtube video too.

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