How it works

In this page you can find some tips about “How to use” Kanto Karaoke Software. Thanks these guides, you will be able to use the software at the best and fully exploit its potential.

First of all, you have to download Kanto Karaoke Player on your PC.

Kanto Karaoke for Windows
Windows Version
12 MB
Kanto Karaoke for MAC
MAC OSX Version
9 MB


After installation, you’ll see the following main screen:



Click te “Quick Open File” button (bottom right) to select a song from your PC and start to play it! You will see the words of the karaoke song displayed on the screen:


Click on “DUAL DISPLAY” to open the “Karaoke Screen” on a new window. You can drag this new window to another monitor or to a TV!



Click “Add” to add a new playlist.


Type the “Playlist Name” and click on “Add It” to create the new playlist folder:


Under Playlist Files section, click on ADD button to upload songs (or a folder of songs) in the playlist.

Note: The Free Version of Kanto Karaoke allows you to add max 5 songs for each playlist.


This module allows you to see the current song playing and the next 2 songs. This is very useful to schedule the performance and avoid long wait between one song and the next one. To add a song in Live Performance module you can:

a) Click on Quick Open File

b) Drag&Drop songs from Playlist Files to Live Performance section

c) Click ADD SONGS under Live Performance module as shown below:


If you want to switch from one song to the next without abrupt interruption you have to click FADE OUT AND PLAY NEXT button.

if you want to stop a performance before the end of a song without abrupt interruption you have to click FADE OUT AND STOP button.


Note: Kanto Karaoke is the only tool with the crossfade feature applicable on mid / kar / mp3 / cdg  files


In the upper left of the program there is the “Audio Settings” module. Here you can:

>Changhe pitch (Key) and the speed (Tempo) of the song. You can also save the key and tempo for a song in playlist, clicking the button Save Pitch/Tempo



> Manage the Midi Channels: clicking on “Midi Channels Config” a window will appear. Here you can view and select the track to enable or disable


> Vocal Remover: click MELODY (CH4) OFF to remove the vocal track from the song. In this way you can better sing on the song!

Note: The melody remover, removers the channel n.4 from the mid/kar files. This usually is the channel where the melody (vocals) are stored. Some midi/kar files have the melody on other channels… so for these you have to access to the Midi Channles Config and manually deactivate the vocal track.


To start recording your voice on your favorite song follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Input Device: At the bottom left of the program, from the drop-down menu, select “Microphone” as the input device.
We recommend you to use an external microphone (with USB input) to have a better recording quality and lower latency!


2. Start Recording: Play the song and click on the RED circular button in the player. Start to sing now! During recording you’ll see this image at the top left of the screen


3. Stop Recording: At the end of the song, click again on the RED button to stop recording. On the left side of the program, you’ll see an entry in the ” Recordings” module. Double click on it to open the output folder where you will find the mp3 file of your recording (it usually is c:\Users\PCname\Music\KantoKaraoke )


During the recording you also will able to change input volume (mic volume), mic delay (latency), music volume,  or add some effect like Echo, Reverb, etc…

NOTE: The Free Version of Kanto Karaoke allows you to record max for 1 minute.


If you want to convert midi (or kar file) to MP3 format:

1. From the top menu go to FILE –> CONVERT MIDI TO MP3


2. In the popup that will open, select the input file (mid/kar file to convert to mp3) and the output file (the name and folder where the mp3 files will be saved).


Select the “Remove track 4” box if you want an mp3 file without the melody track.

3. Click START to start converting midi to mp3!

NOTE: The Free Version of Kanto Karaoke allows you to convert max 1 minute of your mid/kar files.


From top Menu click on EDIT. You will see these options:


Crossfade: default value is 2000 msec. You can change this value from 0 to 2000 msec. If  crossfade=0, songs will be played individually without moving to the next song.

Soundfont: you can change the soundfont file. It is located in \KantoKaraoke\Soundfont folder. You can download free soundfont files from Internet, there are a lot of sites that offer them.

Skins: you can change the skin of the program’s interface. Choose the best for you!

Language: you can select the language of the program (e.g english, italian, etc…)


Benefits of the registered version of Kanto Karaoke:

  1. No limits in the number of songs that can be added to the playlists
  2. No time limits in karaoke recording
  3. No time limits in midi to mp3 conversion

To register the software please go on the Option Menu –> Register


Click Buy Now to purchase the software. After the purchasing you will receive an email with your “Licensed Email” and “Registration Code“. Copy and paste them on the Registration popup (see the image above) and click Register.


Canc: Delete songs from playlist or live performance panel
Enter: Similar to double click to play a selected song
Space: Pause
Esc: Exit from full screen
F1: Fade out and next song
F2: Fade out and stop
F3: Open search window
F4: CH4 midi On/Off

See also our FAQ section