Best Multiplex Karaoke Player

Best Multiplex Karaoke Player

Kanto Karaoke Player support Multiplex Karaoke Format

Are you searching for a good multiplex player?  Kanto Karaoke Player is the player for you. This player allows you to play multiplex karaoke files in CDG/MP3+G/MP4 formats, and you will be able to disable/enable the vocal track at any time, with a simple click.

A multiplex file has a stereo channel (left/right) where the singer’s vocal are on the left side. So Kanto player is able to disable the left channel and remove the vocals in real time.

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How to manage and play multiplex files

  1. Install and open the program.
  2. Play your multiplex song. To do this click on Open File button or drag and drop the file from your computer to a playlist section and double click on the song name.
  3. Click on the button “EQUALIZER” in the bottom of the player.
  4. This will open a new form, and you have to click on the checkbox “Vocal Remover Multiplex Song”
  5. Done! Enjoy with your multiplex karaoke songs!


Kanto Player has many other features that you should try. It supports almost all karaoke formats (mid, kar, mp3, kfn, cdg, zip, mp3, mp4, avi..), it allows you to change the pitch and tempo in real time, it allows the creation of unlimited playlists and the fast search of music files. It also has a “Singer List” module and a Web Browser module to play karaoke files on the internet.


  1. Can you adjust pitch on avi files?

    • Windows version support also avi format

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